Pride — Hieronymus Bosch


5 thoughts on “Pride — Hieronymus Bosch”

  1. Nice to have another pic of a painting by Bosch, especially with the docu film and soon to be opened exhibition – but you post a pic of a paint and nothing else?


      1. Yes what? Why not explain the picture, tell us why you picked it, what you like or dislike about it. Just searching the web and posting a pic of someone’s painting … is that what your blog’s all about?


        1. “Explain the picture”

          —Jesus. Look, I don’t like to be mean on the internet—really I don’t—but why do you care why I explain it or not? I mean, it’s beyond me what motivates these types of comments, which I usually just don’t approve, because they’re utterly meaningless—they boil down to: “Why isn’t your blog the way I think your blog should be?”

          The blog is not for you; it’s for me. It’s an utterly solipsistic activity, at its core, and if I feel like posting a painting I’ll post it, with or without commentary (would it matter to you to know why *I* wanted to look at the Superbia panel of Bosch’s Sins? –That’s a rhetorical question—totally not interested in the answer: What I’m saying is: I was interested in looking at that panel for a particular reason at a particular moment, and I put it in this scrapbook). I’m not beholden to your rubric. Similarly, I wouldn’t dream of going to your place and telling you how to run it. Would never even occur to me to say, “Oh, hey here’s how *I* would have done it.


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