Self-Portrait — Maurice Sendak


Watercolor illustration for the cover of the Hartford Courant’s Sunday Magazine edition, Dec. 19, 1993.


3 thoughts on “Self-Portrait — Maurice Sendak”

  1. This feels like a perfect post for today, even tho’ I’m pretty sure that I don’t actually know “why” you posted just this just now — but — it prompts me to share back to you that it is a source of comfort to me, especially on sad and scary days, to IMAGINE that I somehow “share” your train of thought.
    Maurice Sendak was one of the bravest artists I had to hand, as I raised my own two children — on more occasions than I can recall, he helped me encourage them to embrace every part of themselves — especially the Wild, the Other, the Lunatic, the Small, the Brave, the Transformed, the Outside… Thank you for reminding me to be brave today.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts here, which are in line with my own, I suppose.

      I’m not always sure “why” I post stuff I post a lot of the time.

      Today I wanted to post art works by gay artists; Sendak came to mind, but I wanted to post something…I don’t know, comforting? His book WE ARE ALL DOWN IN THE DUMPS WITH JACK AND GUY is deeply important to me, and even though it’s over a decade old, it seems pointed directly at our awful zeitgeist (it even attacks Donald Trump).

      My mom painted a Wild Things mural in my bedroom when I was, what, four? I wish I could find a picture of it.

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  2. What a great mom you had. I remember the night Greg Irons and some friends were driving around Landenberg PA on a search for a dog.It led to this small frame house and when we were invited in the back wall inside had climbing vines all up it just as you might see in a Sendak Wild Things dream. We were high and couldn’t stop shaking with controlled laughter as it was so wonderful and wild that they had just let it crawl all over the back wall. Amazing.


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