Flag on Orange Field — Jasper Johns



3 thoughts on “Flag on Orange Field — Jasper Johns”


    So trim, so modern, doing op tricks
    When it’s brisk, doubling back on itself and forming diamonds;
    The light let through cut with its own shadow;
    The stripes curled around themselves on the Bridge of Flowers.
    It has enabled at least one artist to become a millionaire.
    Rippling, blazing forth, all the straight lanes of daytime
    Epitomised by red and white, with night
    In its corner in front of the house
    With grey paint peeling from it at the corner
    Of Dodge Branch Road. Sometimes
    You can’t see the stars. Catch it in front of farms
    On knolls, at the bridge, at the edge of lawns,
    Limp above a little ceramic fisher-boy and his shepherdess friend,
    Accompanying a proud Mobil Pegasus
    And above Aubuchon Hardware.
    It can be glimpsed below the road above a dark old barn
    Or slung from the first floor window of an ugly house
    Halfway down a gradient on the Mohawk Trail
    But not above the trading-post. As
    You pull up at the three lane lights by Macdonald’s,
    Which flies one from its own pole –
    Thankfully unaccompanied by an M –
    You may reflect that it looks best
    On native soil, acting as a banner for
    Franklin First and the Freedom Credit Union
    And Ford Motors, which has five of them!
    But there it is again, flown from a lamp-post
    In front of the Greenfield Energy Plant
    And actually from all the lamps in Greenfield.

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