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Prayer to Saint Brice — Enrico Robusti


San Brizio epatoprotettore, veglia sulle mie vie biliari mentre preparo questi quotidiani arrostini allo spiedo (2011) by Enrico Robusti  (b. 1956)

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  1. I’ve probably taken a big leap in my anglicization of the title, but I am foolish and know no better. Anyone whose Italian is better than mine (i.e., existent) is welcome to take their own stab. No disrespect intended to the magnificent painter. I couldn’t approximate the wit of the title—which I get!–in a dubious English translation.


  2. Marco Malvestio

    The title can be translated roughly as “San Brizio, protector against liver diseases, watches over my bile ducts while I cook my daily portion of meat skewers”. It is also worth noticing that the man in the portrait is Camillo Langone, a right wing Catholic journalist well known for his controversial opinions on female education, abortion, secularism, Islam, and a so on. As a gastronomic critic, he vehemently supports local culinary traditions and winemaking – as the setting of the painting and the Lambrusco bottle suggest.


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