The Present — Rene Magritte 

the present

The Present, 1939 by Rene Magritte (1898-1967)

6 thoughts on “The Present — Rene Magritte ”

    1. I don’t really have an interpretation, and certainly not a comprehension. If there’s an allegory here, I don’t see the connections between Magritte’s representations and their “real world” corollaries. I find the painting to be a wonderful mix of humor and horror–it’s zany and sinister (my love language).
      Magritte painted birds a lot. He painted orbs like that a lot. He was a huge admirer of Edgar Allan Poe, too—maybe there’s something there.
      But I think that with a lot of his work, the point isn’t to necessarily understand it, but rather to feel it.

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      1. The orbs are creepy, but the non-so-bird-like eye and the jacket creep me out more.

        I’m not clear about those orbs, though. They want to resolve with regard to the bird one way or another; Trojan horse, gift, prize, booty, weapons of war, surrogate children, some horror that is going to be revealed as they open; not sure what they are.

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