Éric Chevillard’s The Posthumous Works of Thomas Pilaster (Book acquired, 8 Jan. 2021)

I have no idea what the fuck is going on over there at that Sublunary Editions indie press.

Their forthcoming title is The Posthumous Works of Thomas Pilaster by Éric Chevillard (translated from the French by Chris Clarke), and it looks really good, like in the Borgesian vein good. I read the section “So Many Seahorses” a few minutes ago and it made me laugh aloud.

If I ever finish Moby-Dick I’ll let you know more.

Sublunary’s blurb:

The literary world owes a great debt of gratitude to the executors who, charged with burning the remaining papers of their authorial charges, refuse, instead publishing them for the fanatic and meddlesome among us. Collected here are the remaining unpublished works—diaries and drafts, aphorisms and ephemera—of the late Thomas Pilaster, compiled by Marc-Antoine Marson, a longtime friend and fellow writer with whom Pilaster maintained a healthy rivalry. With rough edges and glints of genius present in equal measure, scholars and lay-readers alike will treasure these curious texts—So Many SeahorsesThe Vander Sons Company, and Three Attempts at the Reintroduction of the Man-Eating Tiger Into Our Countryside, to name a few—for generations to come.

Your thoughts?

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