Sisyphus — Odd Nerdrum

Sisyphus by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

The Kiss — Odd Nerdrum


The Kiss, 2002 by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

Birds — Odd Nerdrum


Birds by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

The Singers — Odd Nerdrum


The Singers, 1984 by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

The Water Protectors — Odd Nerdrum


the Water Protectors, 1985 by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)


Kitsch in its purest form; absolutely no irony here


From a hilarious profile on Odd Nerdrum, in which he discusses his 1997 work The Savior of Painting:

Almost life-size, it depicts the artist in a golden robe, armed with paintbrush and palette, against the soft Norwegian evening sky. On his palette is one single color: that of gold.

“This is kitsch in its purest form,” remarks the artist in front of the nearly finished work, gracefully saving us the embarrassment. “Mind you, there’s absolutely no irony here.”

The golden robe is for real. He had it made in New York a few years back, and it´s already a garment of international notoriety. His Self Portrait in Golden Robe, first exhibited in Stockholm last winter and now showing in a retrospective at the Astrup-Fearnley Museum in Oslo, shows him in this robe, which is lifted to reveal a markedly curved erection. Needless to say, the painting, done in the Rembrandt-like style that is both Odd Nerdrum’s life and his curse, caused a major debate in his home country. To Odd, that was business as usual.

The Golden Cape — Odd Nerdrum


The Golden Cape, 1997 by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

Crossing the Border — Odd Nerdrum



Crossing the Border by Odd Nerdrum (b. 1944)

Poacher — Odd Nerdrum


The Messenger — Odd Nerdrum

Egg Snatchers — Odd Nerdrum


Sleeping Boy — Odd Nerdrum


Dissolving — Odd Nerdrum


The Kiss — Odd Nerdrum

Drifting — Odd Nerdrum

Lunatics — Odd Nerdrum