Books Acquired, 10.11.2011

20111011-180342.jpgA nice little gang today: First up is Barry Hannah’s short novel Ray, which I ordered from my favorite local bookstore last week. (On a side note, said bookstore was robbed this week for cash—no books were stolen).20111011-180425.jpg

I found Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfants Terribles somewhat randomly, hunting through the “Co”s for something by Dennis Cooper. Sample illustration—


Roberta Allen’s The Dreaming Girl  is forthcoming from Ellipsis Press; the book looks pretty cool and I’ll dip into it tonight. It actually was sent to my old abode, but the folks who live there now are kind people and alerted me. Some serendipity perhaps. Here’s Ken Foster (Village Voice) on The Dreaming Girl:

Told in a series of elliptical tableaux and bound by stream of consciousness, Roberta Allen’s The Dreaming Girl is an example of everything that shouldn’t work, and yet it does. Like a literary descendant of Duras, Allen places her unnamed narrator in an exotic Central American limbo that propels her mind into a mesmerizing state somewhere between memory and fantasy.


3 thoughts on “Books Acquired, 10.11.2011”

  1. “Ray” is one of my favorite books. It’s got plenty of problems, but there really isn’t anything else like it. Those robbers don’t know what they’re missing. Or maybe they already had a copy.


  2. == Get Me Some Rope! ==

    Since I have more reverence for a bookstore than for any house of worship, I want the culprit(s) in this caper to experience the ultimate penalty — DEATH by slow hanging. Solving this case should be a high priority on the part of the local police. And I do hope the store’s owner has adequate insurance to cover his/her loss. Is the day far off when we’ll see cameras/metal detectors/junkyard dogs installed in such bookstores? — Larry W. Bryant (14 Oct 11)


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