The Last Supper — Joe Simon

12 thoughts on “The Last Supper — Joe Simon”

  1. I am trying to find a Looney Tunes last supper, featuring a ‘real’ Jesus and various cartoon disciples. Some day when I am rich, I would like my dining room to have the Leonardo, Dali, and any other versions framed as prints on the walls. Does anybody have a clue how I can find a screen reproduction of the Looney Tunes one? It was featured in a NYT article several years back about controversy in a museum in Ohio. I never could find it, and the NYT search engine at that time was quite challenged. Apologies for using the blog for getting information. These paintings remind me of the Pier Paolo Pasolini ‘Saint Francis’ movie.


  2. Never mind. I think it was slashed by the Church of the Absolute Right and one with Bugs Bunny as Jesus was substituted. Unless memory does not serve well, the painting by Glen Tarnowski is not the same one. I like his, also, but I found a more meaningful metaphor from the one with the classic hippy Jesus. Like the St. Francis movie, it showed what a Master Navigator must feel when setting sail upon unknown waters. How about one with Jimi Hendrix as Jesus, Jim Morrison as St. Peter, and Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, and various others as His disciples? Who would play Judas?


    1. Hmmm…I guess Leonardo depicts Judas as a sinister figure (as opposed to say, Scorsese, who tries to emphasize the necessity of his role…) … So, I don’t know …. Eric Clapton? I mean, he started out as a force for good (Cream, Yardbirds) and wound up evil …


      1. I posed Judas as a question because of my ambivalence towards his role in the scheme. As in Nikos Kazantzakis’ ‘The Last Temptation of Jesus’, which movie by Scorcese I have yet to see. I am unaware of Eric Clapton’s evil except that as his career went on he became harder and harder spiritually, probably thanks to amphetamine, which has to be the drug of choice for evil. It would be mundane to use someone who sold out rock and roll, whoever that might be. Hmmm……


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