“Mutter, Ich Bin Dumm” — Opening Scene of Béla Tarr’s Film The Turin Horse

12 thoughts on ““Mutter, Ich Bin Dumm” — Opening Scene of Béla Tarr’s Film The Turin Horse”

  1. Two thumbs and a big toe up for the Tree of Life creation scene that came on after the Bela Tarr.
    You do like horses in movies, after all. I knew you were a good man. Must be those kids.


      1. As long as the horses don’t have a talking role. And it is not a treacly movie. Syrupy and gooey being the elimination factor. I thought Black Beauty was a great story when I read it at 9 years old.

        Jack London was a master at creating animal stories that weren’t anthropomorphic. His reportage is also great even though it is not mentioned much as part of his works. His reporting on the San Francisco earthquake was better than anything CNN could do with cameras and talking heads and full body shots from on the scene.

        Farley Mowat also manages to relate animal personalities in their own right rather than trying to make them into furry humans.

        When I got a cat, I realized that nearly everybody has it all wrong about cats. Mine was wild and lived with me for her entertainment and comfort The longer I had her the more I became convinced she was a goddess from another galaxy. She was psychic and prescient and would look me right in the eye communicating that she wasn’t buying a minute of my lies or self-deceptions. It’s all one big lesson if you want to stay in school your whole life. Better to be a teacher than a student.


  2. Horse as method actor? I love Bela Tarr’s movies – but don’t try and explain them to anyone – “a 3 minute shot of men’s walking legs? zzzz”


    1. Maybe Tarr thinks he is in a Bergman movie. This is what I get for living out in the swamps, I’ve never heard of him. I have to make do with what’s playing at the multiplex out at the mall.


        1. And the nearest mall is over 40 miles from here.

          We don’t have an Amazon here, but there is a Suwannee. I seldom buy books, much less DVD’s, since there are so many every where around here, As in Australia and Wyoming, people who live in nature’s splendid isolation can be very culturally inclined. But the fiction DVD’s available leave a lot to be desired. Netflix seems to have many of my favorite directors from the old new wave European cinema, Visconti, Fellini, deSica, Truffaut, Bergman, Woody Allen, etc., but many of the discs are not the newer edits that are restorations to the original European edition. Such as The Leopard. For what two DVD’s cost, I could drive to the beach and spend a day being entertained by real life. And bring home some sand between my toes.

          It is too bad that the big box media rental stores are fading away. I was able to get movies that were not casually available in more urban areas. in Madison, Georgia, I viewed a documentary made by a man trying to locate bin Laden shortly after we invaded Afghanistan to liberate it from itself. The same refrain was repeated by Afghanis throughout the movie that the US did not want to find him, that they knew where he was headed but did not want to cut him off. We invaded a major geographical region, Iraq included, to stir up the natives against us when we should be kissing their butts unless we want this machine we call the American civilization to stop, perhaps precipitously. All because a bored Ivy league, boy President wanted his name in glory. What will you say when some one who ‘did his duty’ asks you? The outset of the documentary was that the film maker’s wife had died in 911 and he was after Osama to kill him. Alas, the film maker and his crew were killed and that ended the movie.

          I like a good Goth type movie, which Tarr’s seems to be, from time to time, but my darker tastes run more towards the ones directed by the names mentioned above, and Hollywood film noir, especially a good Bette Davis playing a bitch kind of movie. A little humor with all that dank, labyrinthine darkness.

          As far as suffering peasants, I think my tastes have moved on, but I would like to give Tarr a try, even though I suspect his works are as his name suggests. However, I am an appreciator of long, slow dialog free shots. Fall asleep and wake up and you haven’t missed anything.

          It would have to be a very very good movie for me to want to posses an actual disc. I must have 200 unwatched movies in my ‘vault’, most of them probably will not ever get watched and I have been thinking of erasing them to free space for audio media.

          My problem is that after I go to an Eagles concert, any old bar band won’t do. The same with flicks. The movie has to be very silly for me to be mindlessly entertained. I yearn for a good, meaty flick from time to time, which seems beyond the talents of commonly available Hollywood productions. Whenever I am in front of a TV and have time to look at a movie, IFC has some fopish sitcom or- too -far- out- in- meaninglessness -avant-gardedness mess for me to want to sit through it any longer than it takes to ascertain that there goes another film student searching for talent. Every body makes movies nowadays.

          As far as Amazon goes, I watch DVD’s on my computer, and if a used DVD has any defects in its surface, my fussy optical reader complains about it, and sometimes I end up missing a bit here or there or the entire movie. There goes a few dollars of the go-to-the-beach-or-the-Okefenokee money. I am unlike many Americans in that I can’t have my cake and eat it, too. I could request the library purchase it on the basis that it is a cultural icon but it could take 9 months to get it and if anyone on the County Commission looked it up, it might be rejected on the basis of ‘controversy’.

          I cannot find a listing where The Tree of Life is playing because it is not playing in my ‘area’. Whatever that means to an urbanocentric site designer. Even though there is a university 40 miles from here, I never read about anything playing other than what I will be able to watch on cable in a few months. 8 thousand students and a lot of asphalt and concrete and it is not much more than another town with a big mall and a few Walmarts scattered in its outliers. And lots of bars to get good and drunk in. A good guess is that I would probably have to drive to Miami or Atlanta to view it in a good theatre. I watched Fellini’s ‘Roma’ in a movie theatre in Panama City (Canal) and there were rats running around on the floor, which I thought was appropriate to the film. I watched it with my feet in the seat. Film buffs will endure hardships not even imagined by back to nature freaks.

          Bitch, bitch, bitch. It’s Sunday a.m., and I need to get off the throne and lead the pontificating to professionals.


    1. I wish where I live were more on the edge of the world. All the bad effects from people who came from places where there were too many people packed too tightly together. Then there’s the ‘ain’t never heerd of that before’ crowd. At its best most of Florida is a wonderland of very drawn out thresholds of water claiming the land. An exuberance of jungle desert. Temporal plants learning to live in the tropics. And vice versa. Born again crowd tries sin and makes a mess out of it. The usual oil and water not mixing in America scenario. But we all try. Some of us, anyway.

      If I had the money, I would buy dvd’s, watch them, and give the ones that I won’t want to watch again in a year or more to the library. There they could be in controlled climate storage and hopefully safe from hands that can’t deal with a disc. That’s what I do with CD’s that are on my hard disks.

      I think the only movie I have ever seen more than 4 times is Martin Scorcese’s ‘My Voyage to Italy’. I get a lot out his choices and his takes on the Italian cinema. I retrieved ‘An Unfinished Life’ from the library because I wanted to see by rewatching if I still like the book’s author, because I really liked his first book and Unfinished. Unfinished still seems to me to be a good Hollywood movie. Alas, first books are sometimes the best, because his latest is written too much like a movie script and so I never got to know the characters even though some of them had made an appearance in Unfinished. Contemporary small town Wyoming. With little cultural clues thrown in, such as New Yorker reading cowboys.

      I found ‘1491’ in a really rural library, so I have a long read ahead of me. I enjoy well written non-fiction. What’s that got to do with movies? I found ‘Beowulf’ and ‘The Thin Red Line’ at the local and so have those to look forward to watch. I do not know if ‘Beowulf’ movie is any good or not. I have become very leery of reviewers because of past experiences such as the glowing reviews of Ann Patchett’s novel, ‘State of Wonder’. I decided to finish it even though I knew it was a waste of time. I think she is not a very good writer, to put it mildly.

      Enough said.


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