Atlanta and Savannah — Glennray Tutor

9 thoughts on “Atlanta and Savannah — Glennray Tutor”

    1. I don’t know the background of this particular painting, but Glennray Tutor is a Southern boy, and I can’t imagine that there isn’t an intentional allegorical layer to this painting—these are mammy dolls, of course.


      1. It was the Georgia connection that caught my attention. I opened it expecting some kind of discourse and found a painting.
        It leaves a lot for conjecturing. My most rational thought is that it is just a painting and he chose two mammy dolls placed in a rocking (?) chair as his still life subject.

        I tried to find some kind of allegory with Atlanta being the LANyawk of Georgia because of the red dress, maybe for Tara, and Savannah being the New Orleans of Georgia, but couldn’t find any sin in the green costume. Maybe the green is the savannah and marshes itself. I sound bullshitty even to me. I clicked on it when I was coming down from that most irrational of disciplines – philosophy. Kind of the wiff n poof of rationality. Good thing philosophers aren’t rocket scientists lest the earth go up with a big bang, or lie down and whimper. I need to find the funny remark that Bertrand Russell about philosophy.


            1. Ah, cool. “Local” as in Mississippi or somewhere else in the South? Not trying to be nosy at all, again, just interested (as someone who would love to be able to afford art like this). I like this one a lot too—his still lifes of marbles, etc. are great also, but this painting has . . . I don’t know . . . personality (?)


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