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Harry Crews and Earl Scruggs Interviews to Replay on NPR’s Fresh Air

NPR’s Fresh Air will rebroadcast a 1988 interview with Harry Crews and a 2003 interview with Earl Scruggs today. If you can’t listen live, check out the podcasts (Crews podcast; Scruggs podcast), or download the NPR smartphone app.

From the Crews interview:

I wrote four novels and short stories before I even published anything, and the reason I didn’t publish any of those things was because it wasn’t any good, and the reason it wasn’t any good was because I was trying to write about a world I did not know . . . One night it occurred to me that whatever strength I had was all back in there in Bacon County, Ga., with all that sickness and hookworm and rickets and ignorance and beauty and loveliness. But that’s where it was. It wasn’t somewhere else.

(Thanks to the readers who wrote in about these shows).

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  1. ccllyyddee

    From today’s Gainesville Sun, selected from an article, ‘He had the type of face that made bank security guards unlatch their holsters, he [Crews] said.’ Students who wanted to be in his classes ‘would form lines that would snake through the halls’ during registration. ‘…students coalesced around him and became known as “Crew’s Crews” ‘ and would follow him to the bars to make sure he didn’t end up in jail.

    A student of his from the ’80’s who is now a writer and professor in Boston said, ‘Other than my own father, nobody has had as profound an effect on me and influenced what I have done in my life more than Harry Crews…’

    He said a lot for a lot of people from the rural South when he wrote as an opening sentence in his book, ‘The Gospel Singer’, ‘Enigma, Georgia is a dead end.’ I wish I could have wandered into a bar and sat with him and Flannery doing shots and sipping beer.

    This is a long article and contains many more gems and insights into Prof. Crew’s life. It is by Ted Geltner, Correspondent. I wish I had known him.


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