Flann O’Brien, Charles Olson, Karel Capek (Books Acquired, Earlier This Week)


4 thoughts on “Flann O’Brien, Charles Olson, Karel Capek (Books Acquired, Earlier This Week)”

  1. Where did you find Call Me Ishmael? I find Olson’s stuff incredibly hard to find, aside from Selected Poems. Lucky bastard!


    1. I get most of my books from Chamblin Book Mine in Jacksonville, FL. I live one mile from this book store. Chamblin’s is like a maze or labyrinth of four or five buildings cobbled together. It is a sprawl of used books — somewhere between a million and two million, the owner once estimated for me. The store is just crammed with stuff like this. I never get bored there and I usually have some trade credit, so I spend too much time there. I found the Olson by chance (I wasn’t looking for Olson or Melville).


  2. Call Me Ishmael’s pretty easy to find, actually, at least online. Johns Hopkins University Press has it out in a particularly ugly cover. Anyhow, I love the book. Probably the best thing ever written on Melville and Moby-Dick (sorry Parker, Lawrence, Delbanco, etc., etc., etc.).


    1. I read most of it yesterday and it’s really good — more centered on sources and influences (personal, literary etc.) than Lawrence’s chapter in Studies in Classic American Lit (which, for the record, I love), but it’s also loose and free.


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