Bret Easton Ellis Comments on “Stanley Kubrick’s Gayness”

Late last night, Bret Easton Ellis took to Twitter to review the film Rock of Ages:

He then offered this bizarre nugget:

And here’s his evidence:


3 thoughts on “Bret Easton Ellis Comments on “Stanley Kubrick’s Gayness””

  1. It’s about time gayness in directors was “observed” out loud. I think of Clark Gable and Franchot Tone in Mutiny of the Bounty, that beach scene where they are lying together is so clearly a scene for gay men. And John Wayne in that western where he is injured and taken in by Quakers. Lying in bed, naked chest etc. Lots of them which I thought A Single Man exposed so beautifully.

    The gayness of Bill Condon in Breaking Dawn just reeks with Rob Pattinson. IN fact Rob Pattinson suffers from this all the time. catherine Hardwick’s female lust. Fortunately Weitz in New Moon was too much of a cosmopolitan to use him that way, and David Slade turned the whole thing into camp which I loved. Pattinson again sufferes in Bel Ami with all the “thrusting,” Water For Elephants when Francis Lawrence can’t take his camera eyes off his face, Haunted Airman is embarrassing it’s so blatant, His face gets cut out of Reese Witherspoon’s Vanity Fair because it’s so beautiful she looks like she is in drag, and now Cosmopolis where Cronenberg can’t get the camera off his face and ruins DeLillo’s novel in order to indulge himself.

    Rock of Ages with Cruise is just another of Hollywood’s way of turning actors – with their impassioned cooperation – into “trick ponies” learning how to sing, dance, do ballet, stutter, box, gain weight, lose weight, be deaf and sign, be hearing and play deaf, do accents perfectly, do them imperfectly, etc. Well you get what I mean. As if any of that stuff had anything to do with acting. There used to be Stanislavsky, Grotowski, but we still have Yoshi Oida who was Peter Brooks stage director for a couple of decades and now acts and teaches in NYC. Trained in NOH. He can stand in front of you and become fat, skinny, old, a boy, cry, laugh, sick, etc all in the wink of an eye.


  2. As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed all of Ellis’ books, it’s disappointing to see that Twitter has outed him as kind of a bimbo. He hasn’t posted one interesting observation or thought yet. Just catty and bitchy and petty remarks about things he doesn’t know much about. Kubrick had homoerotic elements in his movies? No shit, Sherlock. How about digging a little deeper than that. What? Twitter doesn’t allow for depth? Exactly. Which is why it appears to be Ellis’ natural habitat. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt vis-a-vis Patrick Bateman and all the other banal characters he created. I used to say, Well, he’s just tapping into something into our society, he’s creating these characters that…But now I’m starting to think that’s not the case. I’m starting to think that Ellis IS Bateman. The mirror he’s holding up is pointed directly at him.


  3. Let’s just all declare everything GAY and get over it. I can’t stand the tacky way some gays have ruined the perception of men being men with each other. I could care less if Whitman gave the soldiers he nursed hand jobs or not; it’s not in his poetry and his poetry is why I know him. Those little implications derived from voice and behavior is just so much harem eunuch gossip. The FBI under basic black and pearls Hoover had a test during interviews of recruits: if he crossed his legs it meant he was gay. Men, think of that the next time you cross your legs while sitting, trying to prop up your spine.

    As far as film goes, only some one with no mental life of their own cares what the implications are about this personality or that character. It’s the movie that counts. Who cares if a book’s author swishes or waddles when in Walmart? Unless there is sex being actively portrayed, such considerations are like those of those people behind you in the movie who just can’t shut up commenting on the film. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ wouldn’t have achieved much notice as a movie if it hadn’t been for the ‘exotic’ roles being portrayed. Anne Proulx’s collection of short stories from which this movie was made had many more chilling and morbid tales than that one. Cowboys must hate queans by now. Most good actors are full-blooded women and men and are capable of role playing on the casting couch and in ‘real’ life, as well as on screen. Steve McQueen’s studding his way to the top in Hollywood does not mean at all that he was ‘gay’. What? A gay Jew movie director? Oy veh!

    YouTube can be a bring down because of the comments about the sexuality, politics and racism, or supposed sins, of the performers and groups in the video. With the consequent ugly comments back and forth having little if any thing to do with the music. If their mamma’s could read what they write. It is a chore reading between the comments trying to learn some thing relevant about the music being offered. Earlier today I read a whole ugly interchange between three or four supposed men about a chef’s sexuality under a steak cooking video. Because he had said something about aged beef being hung. Are there that many weirdos lurking behind billboards in this society? Go get in a corner and jerk off and return to the public when you are cooled down. That’s my message to Mister Ellis, also. Sex in the public eye in the US has become an obscene bore, more boring and more obscene than nearly always. Portrayal of sex acts in Hollywood films has always been repulsive, anyway. Some thing really bad has happened to this country since the Hippies buried Son of Hippy so many years ago. Along with the funeral went the joy of sex as an act of freedom. In came the role playing of S&M faggotry (hetero and homo), mate swapping a la ‘Ice Storm’, ad nauseum. The matter-of-fact actual desexualizing of the population at large being one of them. Let’s bring back virginity, then there will be some thing to look forward to. (And i”ll have some fresh flesh) Like the cartoon in Hustler showing a couple in a nudist colony with the man saying to the woman, ‘put on one more piece’ (of clothing). pant pant.
    Americans and late 20th Century Americans did not discover same gender fun. There can be an argument made about keeping it secretive because forbidden is more enticing and most people would make a mess of it, like they have already. The local hicksville square dance expects you to not stumble over the other dancers on the floor, no matter if you’ll get laid that night or not.

    I always thought of Stanley Kubrick as being kind of pompous in his screenplay, not any more gay in his directing than was generic for the film’s setting in time. I remember a NY critic snidely remarking about ‘Barry Lyndon’…”and Barry Lyndon cried!”. Clockwork Orange is about typical guys of the future hanging together. Their relationships were anti-sexual, if any thing. Humping each other? Never. Gang raping, yes.

    The least that B E Ellis can do now is inform us if he is a top or a bottom since he is outing every body else.


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