Book Shelves #28, 7.08.2012


Book shelves series #28, twenty-eighth Sunday of 2012

Last month, or maybe the month before last, I forget, an anonymous reader accused me of not putting as much into these posts as I used to, which may or may not be true.

But I’m exhausted today—I’ve been out of town for the past week, enjoying a beach vacation with family and friends &c., and yeah, I’m fragged. Got home late late last night, had to clean up, mow the lawn, all that snazz. (The blog has been on autopilot but I’ll try to write up some original content for next week—maybe a review of Moonrise Kingdom. We’ll see).

Anyway, this Sunday finds us in a new room, the converted garage of my 1956 ranch-style home, a room we use as a family room. I’ll look at each shelf pictured above individually and remark on a few books (there’s some good stuff in there), but I’m just too tired. Sorry the pic is so blurry. Feel free to send me a newer iPhone.

There are two book cases below these shelves, and on top of one of these, under a large framed picture of my children that obscures them, are these ratty volumes:


The Barth books are a throwback to my early college days, when I simply bought the cheapest volume; I don’t buy mass market paperbacks anymore (okay, maybe rarely). The Shakespeare books are too tall to fit on a shelf full of Shakespeare stuff, although there are a few shelves of Shakespeare stuff in the room. Actually, I’m not really sure why these books are here at all. It’s likely that I hid them behind the aforementioned large framed picture one day while cleaning up and never reshelved. Not a pretty shelf.

9 thoughts on “Book Shelves #28, 7.08.2012”

  1. Oh man, you put whatever you want into your blog – it’s yours! I’m often exhausted too and sometimes I read over my old blogs and I’m like man, that wasn’t as good as my usual ones. Then I remember it’s my blog and I don’t care! YAY! I love that your converted garage has become a family room and a room for books – that’s wonderful. : ) I also can’t wait to read your review of Moonrise Kingdom – I really want to see that.


  2. I love bookshelves,! They tell so much about the person who chooses, places, and fills them. Thank you for sharing yours with us, and I’d love to see close-ups of all the books on your shelves. And it looks as though you may be a cat person?


    1. I had a cat whom I adored for years. His name is Remy. I adored him less after my daughter was born, although she loved him. I seemed to have less love for him after my son was born, but my son loved him. We moved from a bungalow to a ranch — from a raised house to one built on a concrete block — a year and a half ago, and I didn’t have the foresight to contain him better to let him adjust when I moved him. He ran away, and there was no traditional under-the-house-spot for him to run to.

      So he ran down the street. He lives there now, at another house, one built off grade. A nice family feeds him. He’s gained weight. He always comes up and lets us pet him when we walk, and he still responds to his name.


  3. As a relatively newbie to your blog, I have noticed that there is a difference in the blogs and I assumed you had some in the pantry and others were freshly made. Reading some of the older work on biblioklept I have also noticed that your attitude and your perspective has changed over time. I won’t be patronizing and write ‘matured’, but it is somewhat different in a way that indicates that you are still growing, like most intelligent people who diligently try to avoid the opinion trapholes in the intellectual landscape.

    Your recent reviews are fresh and refreshing in tone. I think that the interplay between reading blogs, video, and still art is well crafted and has advanced blog art. Coming from some one who doesn’t read that many ‘original’ blogs, but mostly ones that are compilations of other completed sources. I tried reading some of the more personally created ones and they are too gooey and narcissistic for my taste. Such as the mountain climber and ice scape explorer who wondered what kind of tie he should buy at Brooks. No longer subscribe to that one.

    Keep at it and when you need to just make some thing, send photos of your vegetables or pets or something. And when you are big enough, maybe someone will give you a better camera. When I took photo classes at the Art Students League, there was a challenge to see who could do the most with a Kodak Brownie as a way of getting us to just see and subverting the equipment junkie tendencies in most of us. Except minimalists, of course, who want only one camera – the best one on the market at the time.


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