An Evening with Werner Herzog

2 thoughts on “An Evening with Werner Herzog”

  1. Werner is so great. He’s one of those people, to hear him talk about vacuuming would probably be riveting. There’s this great clip on youtube where he’s driving and the camera man asks how many languages he speaks– Werner gives a wonderfully Herzogian three minute response. Encounters at the End of the World is right up there with F for Fake as my favorite documentary, and Into the Abyss is great as well. Aguirre is like watching a great novel unfold on screen. Also, when he read that amazing section of All the Pretty Horses on the radio interview with Krauss and McCarthy, it made my month. Thanks for this!


    1. I would watch his vacuum film. He’s my hero.

      (Although I’m still trying to figure out if Rescue Dawn was a serious bid at a Hollywood film or a noncommitted send-up).


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