Kafka Doodle

Kafka doodle. From his Diaries (vol.1).

3 thoughts on “Kafka Doodle”

  1. Interesting. What is your opinion on releasing all of Kafka’s diary work as well as his “Office Writings”? Do you think that’s excessive or do you think a pearl of genius will be leaked by looking through his memos to his boss?


    1. I have no opinions on his office writings because I haven’t read any of them.

      I have been readings his diaries for the past few days and I think that they are as good as anything else he’s written, which is really saying something. To see how he starts out on an idea and then circles around it and then repeats it and repeats and repeats it is marvelous. It’s also worth pointing out that Kafka asked Max Brod to burn everything; also, much of his work was unfinished (The Castle, The Trial, etc.).

      I think, in the proper context, his Diaries are fair game. That said, I can understand how an artist might be devastated or humiliated to see that his private doodles and sketches and riffs were being offered up. It’s really a matter of proper editing and curating, that’s all.


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