In Which Bret Easton Ellis Finally Comes to Understand Women

Bret Easton Ellis took to Twitter last night to share some more of his profound insights.

Here, he sets the stage for us and delivers a powerful thesis (all in under 140 characters!):

And of course, some supporting details (including a bit of biology):

Mr. Ellis even replies to one of his followers! (I like the touch of self loathing):

A rousing conclusion statement:

And a fitting epilogue:


6 thoughts on “In Which Bret Easton Ellis Finally Comes to Understand Women”

  1. I was just reading this on his feed, but it was odd, because I was reading it backwards. It was like reading Underworld, but with tweets. Thanks for putting it together chronologically.


  2. I like Ellis more all the time. Really, the more I think in /Ellis-context/, like w/ DFW (which really seems a compliment to me in /Ellis-context/) or ‘American Psycho’ or just popping off about something or his thoughts on the NYC lit’ scene, the more I really like him. And it’s funny/sad how everyone freaks out on him all the time.


  3. Jesus. It’s so strange. I have this love-hate-love-hate relationship with Ellis. On the one hand, I think American Psycho is one of the most terrifying and fascinating modern novels ever written and I have a special place in my heart for Robert Downey Jr.’s Julian Wells. I resent ANYONE who tells me I shouldn’t read a novel like American Psycho because it’s “sexist” (gimme a break). On the other hand, Ellis is such a damn self-loathing, sexist, idiotic troll himself, it’s unbelieveable.


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