David Lynch Drilling, Sawing, Painting, Swearing, Smoking, Etc.

7 thoughts on “David Lynch Drilling, Sawing, Painting, Swearing, Smoking, Etc.”

      1. I don’t know, it kind of sounded like he was playing Frank Booth from Blue Velvet at one point near the beginning, “Oh, fuck. MAN. Fuck ME. MAN”

        But then again, technically Frank Booth and Lynch are one in the same, since Lynch created Frank. This, I guess, is one of those ivory tower, grad school discussions.


        1. Potential grad school paper? “I’ll Fuck Anything That Moves”: David Lynch’s Intersubjective Performativity. (?)

          Seriously though, I think that Lynch—especially in his show clips and in his foreign press interviews—is very controlled, calm—projection of that zen image—but here, doing all this “work,” he’s animated, upset, and also very, very bossy.


  1. He is bossy, isn’t he? I also didn’t know that he smoked cigarettes. Speaking of Zen, have you read his book about transcendental meditation: Catching the Big Fish, or something like that?


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