Ten Inspiring Quotes from Ten Inspirational Writers











20 thoughts on “Ten Inspiring Quotes from Ten Inspirational Writers”

  1. I like the quotes matched to the photos. Mad Magazine does it better – but then biblioklept isn’t Mad Magazine. As Vagina Wolfe says, ‘keep the faith, baby’.


      1. Never stop bitching! :)

        This whole post is basically a piss take, an inside joke between me and myself, the product of a few glasses of red wine last night and nothing more.


        1. Well, alright, right on. I thought the subtitled photos were clever. There was not necessarily an association between the photo and the text, but some how they did fit. It is not hard to imagine that each person said that. I read the link you provided in one of your comments. It added a lot of perspective to what is frustrating to me – the Hallmark card effect of modern education and (non)experience. Knowledge reduced to a few apocrypha. I envy the teacher who has to evaluate theme papers these days – what with Wiki and google. We learned in high school class the poem that contains the line, ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’. Wiki and google and the internet have made for a more enlightened citizenry. I enjoy discussing ‘things that matter’ with mouse brown personalities, usually women, who surf and learn while their other is watching Fox or CNN. To paraphrase BD, ‘you shouldn’t let others get your words for you.’ Or your kicks. As far as the interior joke goes, I’ve noticed that your lighter fare frequently draws the most critical comments. I like to stir up the dust to see what settles out.


          1. This post is maybe the meanest, most hateful thing I’ve done in a while. It’s posing as lighter fare. I hope that people get the joke here. But maybe not. I’m not sure. I’m okay with being misunderstood. There is a theme here, an order, despite whether or not others perceive it—there’s nothing random here.


  2. I do not like the way this is going. When Biblioklept dwells on death I can never tell if there is a good bye note in there or you are reading a mental condition I have lived with most my life. I feel so much better since I gave up all hope. The titles, in this light seem a sardonic comment on the person photographed who seems to be saying, I do not like my life and I can’t take it any more.


    1. Intentional fallacy and death of the author and all that jazz aside (jazz that I believe in, btw), my goal was/is quite a bit different than what I take those misattribution memes to be. I am in no way trying to copy or replicate those themes—I am trying to show the way that the shallowness of pop culture has been grafted on to the [distorted, glazed, repurposed] images of writers.


      1. Oh, so that was what it was. I can go back to appreciating them as before I read all the comments. I guess there is a genre for everything. Nothing as flattering as some one who tells you how to improve on your work. I never heard of Roger Ebert doing that – I guess he was afraid of being included in a They’re Here scene in a movie. Drowned in cotton candy. That explains why nearly everybody who was a great artist either committed suicide or died of bodily abuse. Whacked themselves in the head with a hammer, muttering, ‘get that damned thought out of my head before somebody criticizes it’. Too bad there isn’t as voluminous a commentary on some of the more literary pages in this blog. They are worthy of note.


    1. Does this mean it is safe to go back to my finding significance in the photos and titles? Without being told where it is at? As bad as going to a museum with someone who insists on telling the symbolism and what it means, and what the artist was ‘trying’ to say. Who says superficiality can’t be funny as hell. Beating a dead horse as a pastime.


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