A German Picturesque (Book acquired, 1.23.2014)


Pharos is reissuing Jason Schwartz’s debut collection A German Picturesque, pictured on the right, above, by the original. The title was selected and introduced by Ben Marcus, who quotes from the interview Schwartz granted me last year—


I actually think that it was this review which led to Ben Marcus consenting to talk with me over the phone for an hour in December. I’ve been typing that interview very slowly and swear it’s on the horizon. Painful dreadful anxious work. Interview with Marcus to come. Review of Schwartz to come.

2 thoughts on “A German Picturesque (Book acquired, 1.23.2014)”

    1. No–the whole thing ended up kinda…weird…I think he wanted to do the interview *because* of my interview with Schwarz, but most of the interview was his analysis of his own stories. My questions didn’t seem to work at all. There were a couple of great responses—his answer to “Have you ever stolen a book?” was one of my favorites–but in the end he asked me not to publish the edit I did. I’ve always gone into these interviews by letting the writer know that he or she would be free to make edits after the fact, and I suppose that extends to not running the interview.


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