1000 Years of Popular Music — Richard Thompson (Film)

10 thoughts on “1000 Years of Popular Music — Richard Thompson (Film)”

  1. I saw him on this tour and was blown away by the song selection. The Kinks “See My Friends” being my personal highlight. He also did an amazing Fiery Furnaces covers which caught me totally off guard. Glad to be reminded of that gig.


      1. Unfortunately, no. I was actually working the show and would not have recognized it, if not for his intro. I looked it up, a year or two ago, to see if anyone had posted it, to no avail. I also wanna say he did a Christina Aguilera song and not the Britney he does here, but I could be mistaken.


        1. Ah! Cool anyway…The Fiery Furnaces are one of the only new bands I really love from the past 10 years or so, so I’m fascinated when musical heroes of mine (like David Byrne), cover them.


          1. They were different, to be sure. Some of it I didn’t care for, but I always appreciated the fact that they were daring and went for it, regardless. Plus, they were awesome live, the one time I caught them. Also, if I remember correctly, it was Thompson’s drummer that song the cover live.


  2. Watched the opening song, sounded like Concrete and Clay by Unit Four plus two, released in the sixties, then Randy Edelman recorded it a few years later. This brings back some happy memories of when was a sixties hippy chick! Will get back and watch the rest of the concert soon. it looks good.

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