Three Books


Victor Halfwit: A Winter’s Tale by Thomas Bernhard. English translation by Martin Chalmers. Illustration and design by Sunandini Banerjee. First edition oversized hardback from Seagull Books. On thick, heavy paper, Banerjee’s rich full-color digital collages illustrate what is essentially a microfiction by Thomas Bernhard. I bought this a few years ago at Faulkner House, a tiny bookstore in New Orleans.


Go Down, Moses by William Faulkner. 1973 Vintage mass-market paperback edition. Cover photo by Robert Wenkham; no designer credited. My favorite Faulkner, although I’ve not read them all. I bought this for grad school, which explains the cheap used mass-market edition, but I love the cover. IMG_8402 Fractured Karma by Tom Clark. First edition trade paperback from Black Sparrow Press. Design by Barbara Martin. The cover painting, Waiting Room for the Beyond, is by John Register. This is the first Tom Clark book I read. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “Three Books”

  1. Dear friend, just thought I would point out that it is Sunandini Banerjee, not Baneriee. If you like Victor Halfwit, I would suggest you also take a look at her illustrations of Diane Meur’s In Dreams, as well as the Isha Upanishad.

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  2. Hey, I just borrowed a copy of Go Down Moses from the library. The first story “Was” was very complicated, and when I first tried to read it, it was hard to get into. However, I tried again and eventually I got the broad gist of it, and I was stunned by Faulkner’s beautiful language. It reminds me of the Cormac McCarthy who wrote Blood Meridian — the Melvillean, biblical, archaic, and epic storyteller and stylist. This book, Go Down, Moses, serves as my own introduction to Faulkner.

    What do you think is Faulkner’s magnum opus, his greatest novel? Is it Absalom, Absalom!? Or is it, as Harold Bloom believes, As I Lay Dying? Or is Go Down Moses the greatest of them all?


    1. Go Down, Moses is not the best starting place for Faulkner, I think, although it contains what I take to be his best writing, The Bear. A better starting place is probably As I Lay Dying or even The Sound and the Fury or A Light in August.

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