Three Books

Last week on Three Books, I featured three books I kinda sorta maybe plan to read in 2016. Here are three more:

Slow Learner by Thomas Pynchon. First edition hardback by Little, Brown (1984). Jacket design by Fred Marcellino. I’ve only read “Entropy” from this collection so far. (I actually tried to use it in my Intro American Lit class—it’s in The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Vol. E, somehow—and no, it didn’t go over well, but hey).

The Weight of Things by Marianne Fritz; English translation by Adrian Nathan West. First edition trade paperback from Dorothy (2015). Cover art is Anonymous by Hella van ‘t Hof. Book design by Danielle Dutton. I started this as the chaser to Ishmael Reed’s The Free-Lance Pallbearers—proved to be a false start (went on a Le Guin jag instead). Feels like a one-sitting read.

The Easy Chain by Evan Dara. First edition trade paperback from Aurora (2008). Cover and design by Todd Michael Bushman. Does anyone want to read The Easy Chain with me?

3 thoughts on “Three Books”

  1. Finished The Easy Chain over Thanksgiving. I previously read Flee and Lost Scrapbook (in that order) during the fall. Dara is breathtaking and I am so thankful to your blog for introducing me to his writing. I am currently reading Gaddis’ JR and note how much Dara was influenced by his work (consciously or otherwise).

    Look forward to your thoughts on The Easy Chain…


    1. I’m curious if you preferred Flee or TLS…I read TLS first and was just stunned by it…to the point that I was a *smidge* disappointed with Flee—but then in retrospect I think that Flee is actually a more finely crafted novel.


      1. I read Flee first and then TLS. Then reread TLS and Flee.

        On balance, I think prefer TLS better as a whole but there were certain parts of Flee that I really enjoyed as much (if not more than) any part of TLS, e.g., chapter X and the portions where Marcus and his buddies get together for drinks after work. Some of that stuff is just as good as anything I have read anywhere, ever.

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