Crews/DeLillo/Gardner/Murdoch (Books acquired, 5.12.2016)



3 thoughts on “Crews/DeLillo/Gardner/Murdoch (Books acquired, 5.12.2016)”

  1. I pick up every Vintage Contemporary DeLillo I find! Their Ratner’s Star is my favorite–looks like a YA novel about coming into your sexuality.

    I can’t ever find Crews used but you’re in Florida, right? Makes sense if he’s more common downyonder.


    1. The used bookstore I frequent has lots and lots of Crews…although this is the first time I’d seen Florida Frenzy since I was an undergrad at University of Florida (which published the book). I actually went to UF with a bizarre notion that I would study creative writing under Harry Crews (like, I’d go take classes with him as a freshman!). He was the writer-in-residence there when I was a high school senior—but the year I started at UF was the year he retired. Padgett Powell was the new writer in res, and I’ve never quite forgiven him for some reason.


  2. “Grendel”! I read it a few times every year. A beautiful little book. Between that and the equally-underrated “Toward the End of Time” (Updike), all the most interesting possible Anglo-centric views of Time/Space are covered!


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