Without publicity capitalism could not survive (John Berger)


2 thoughts on “Without publicity capitalism could not survive (John Berger)”

  1. FDR saved capitalism by putting in opposing inhibiting laws. Capitalism is on a see-saw seat and REQUIRES a worthy opposition to balance it, to keep it going up and down. Without that opposing force it would have crashed long ago.The 2008 meltdown would have taken the big banks speculations down the drain and the dollar with them. The US govt could not allow the dollar to be trashed and thrown under the bus so it propped it up with the bailout, scapegoating a few of them. It is obvious that as THE MACHINE OF DETERRITORIALIZED CAPITAL continues the planet will be raped of all life that can be exploited and all species. Cockroaches will remain I bet. Cayce said that Saturn – Jupiter also? – were vermin infested. Was their life of some sort there when the sun was hotter and reached them? Will Venus cool down enuf for some life if there is any left? The faster CAPITALISM grows towards the abyss the better for all species. A disaster of horror awaits all species, but the sooner the better for any survival.Those are the choices left.


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