Like the first 12 minutes of Nic Roeg’s film Walkabout

Watch the other minutes, too.

1 thought on “Like the first 12 minutes of Nic Roeg’s film Walkabout”

  1. It is helpful to be grounded in consciousness meditation of some sort to comprehend this movie. It is one I watch every so many years to remind me of the self destruction of technological civilization. And to lament having returned to this mess from Down Under. Entropy is the name of the political game. As predicted in The Book of Changes. Roeg is a master at the use of emptiness. It is tragic that David (the Aboriginal) committed suicide later on in life. He was a very talented artist, whom I met at a Pacific Islanders arts festival in Fiji. His contribution was a ‘native’ dance in a costume improvised of detritus of technology, including a plastic bags headress, along with other artifacts. Roeg was a great director, but he was too deep and intense for popular taste. The intensity affected his casts. After making Performance, some of the cast went into hospital, and Mick Jagger went into seclusion for awhile.

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