Like the first 12 minutes of Nic Roeg’s film Walkabout

Watch the other minutes, too.

3 thoughts on “Like the first 12 minutes of Nic Roeg’s film Walkabout”

  1. First Doug then Nic! The Golden Age is packing up and moving away for good. Who’s left? Waits, DeLillo, JLG, Little Richard, Dylan, Arundhati Roy, Sophia Loren, Pynchon, Ishmael Reed, Jean Paul Leaud, Baez, Gladys Knight, Tod Rundgren, Harlan Ellison, Eno, Roger Waters, Ringo, Belafonte, Agnes Varda, Ray Davies, Ferlinghetti, Mekas, Joni et al… the dwindling resource of the irreplaceable children and grandchildren of the true first wave (c. 1900) of Cool….


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