“Suzanne” (Live) — Nina Simone

“To Love Somebody” (Live) — Nina Simone

“Go Limp” — Nina Simone

David Lynch’s Inland Empire Has the Best Closing Credits in the History of Film

I feel like Inland Empire is probably David Lynch’s most overlooked film—it amazes how many genuine Lynch fans, who love stuff like Blue Velvet and Mullholand Drive, have put off seeing the film, usually because of its length, it seems, or the fact that it didn’t get a big Hollywood push, or that Lynch shot it himself on digital video. Anyway, I loved the film (my review), and the cathartic dance sequence at the end (set to one of my all-time favorite jams, Nina Simone’s “Sinner Man”) hopefully might entice one or two readers to give the film a fair shot (although the scene stands on its own, of course).

“I Loves You Porgy” — Nina Simone