Self-Portrait — William H. Gass


Circus Woman — Nakaji Yasui


Circus Woman, 1940 by Nakaji Yasui (1903-1942)

Teju Cole on shattered glass

Untitled (Broken Window, San Francisco), 1937 by Brett Weston.

Teju Cole’s essay “The History of Photography is a History of Shattered Glass,” part of his “On Photography” series, is new in today’s New York Times

From the essay:

Broken glass, and broken windows in particular, are a notable byway in photography’s history. Brett Weston made one of the most striking examples in San Francisco in 1937. Weston was not recording evidence of a crime, or even particularly making a sociological comment. He was describing an abstraction with his camera, the calligraphic presence of a jagged black hole surrounded by a gray remnant of glass. What has been broken away dominates the picture. We see an outline like a map of a fictional island. There’s more dark to see here than glass, and the darkness is deep and mysterious, a mouth agape in an unending scream. About this picture, John Szarkowski, the influential curator at the Museum of Modern Art, wrote that the black shape “is not a void but a presence; the periphery of the picture is background.” In the middle, in that darkness, is where Weston’s self-portrait would be, if the window were intact.

Untitled — William Eggleston


Untitled (from The Democratic Forest), 1983-1986 by William Eggleston (b. 1938)

Untitled (Poster in a Hallway) — William Eggleston


Untitled (Poster in a Hallway), 1970 by William Eggleston (b. 1939)

Untitled (Glory) — William Eggleston


Untitled, 2012 by William Eggleston (b. 1938)

Untitled — William Eggleston


Untitled (from The Democratic Forest) by William Eggleston (b. 1938)

Winston — William Eggleston


Winston, c. 1983-86 by William Eggleston (b. 1938)

Gas Station — Julian Faulhaber


Tankstelle (Gas Station), 2008 by Julian Faulhaber (b. 1975)

A Chronicle of Drifting — Kansuke Yamamoto


A Chronicle of Drifting, 1949 by Kansuke Yamamoto (1914-87)

Window — Kansuke Yamamoto


Window, 1941 by Kansuke Yamamoto (1930-86)

The Photographer — Jacob Lawrence


The Photographer, 1942 by Jacob Lawrence (1917–2000)

Self-Portrait (as “New Woman”) — Frances Benjamin Johnston


Self-Portrait (as “New Woman”), 1896 by Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864–1952)

Feathery Light — György Kepes

Feathery Light c. 1939-40 by Gy?rgy Kepes 1906-2001

Frida’s Bathroom — Graciela Iturbide


The Unmade Bed — Imogen Cunningham

silver Gelatin Print
silver Gelatin Print

Kentucky Flood — Margaret Bourke-White