Susanna and the Elders — Van Arno


Susanna and the Elders, 2016 by Van Arno


Night Nurse — Van Arno


Night Nurse, 2017 by Van Arno

Hagar and Ishmael Flee the Bible — Van Arno


Hagar and Ishmael Flee the Bible, 2012 by Van Arno

Lucifer Son of the Morning, I’m Gonna Chase You Out of Earth — Van Arno

Check out more of Van Arno’s amazing series of oil paintings, The Minstrel Cycle. Artist’s statement about Lucifer Son of the Morning, I’m Gonna Chase You Out of Earth: 

Jay-Z’s ‘Lucifer’ sampled the Max Romeo song ‘Chase The Devil,’  but didn’t include the full chorus, ‘I gonna put on an iron shirt, and chase Satan out of earth… I gonna send him to outer space, to find another race.’ The armor, and futility of the mission brings to mind Don Quixote, who mistakes a windmill for a giant, much as our heroine mistakes the evil in her own nature for a space traveling monster.