Hey, Look at This


Sorry for the long delays between posts lately. I’ve been really, really busy, and I’m trying to resist the “hey, look at this cool shit” type of posting so common in Blogworld. I promise to come back soon with regular updates with (hopefully) meaningful content. In the meantime: Hey, look at this cool shit–


The new Man Man album, Rabbit Habits is set to drop next week. Raucous and ramshackle, yet paradoxically tight as a snare, Rabbit Habits works in the same post-Beefheart idiom as their last album, Six Demon Bag, refining some of the rough edges without losing the rawness. Good for some occasions.

Pirates with good taste probably know by now that Animal Collective’s Water Curses has leaked. The EP is as delicious and warped as fans might expect, and has been on repeat around Biblioklept Central Headquarters for the past two weeks. Great for most occasions.


Incidentally, according to AC’s Wikipedia page: “It has been said that the Animal Collective album Strawberry Jam can be synchronized with the Disney animated clasic [sic] Alice in Wonderland [sic].” See folks, this is why we discourage writing in the passive voice. Who has said that Strawberry Jam syncs with Alice in Wonderland? When was this said? Where, and in what context? Sophomores getting stoned somewhere in Wisconsin? Oh, Wikipedia! See, this is why so many people regard you as the ugly stepchild of legitimate encyclopedias…Anyway…has anyone tried this?


On a visual tip, I’m in love with Paul Slater’s collection at the Medici Gallery. Fun, smart, and very British. Tastefully irreverent for assorted occasions.

And, in the grand tradition of lazy blogging, I refer you to the very awesome blog, Crystalpunk.

Go in peace.

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