“There Must Be Some Level of Indignation” — William Gaddis


3 thoughts on ““There Must Be Some Level of Indignation” — William Gaddis”

  1. I’m finally reading The Recognitions. I read JR last year and I’m at the point where I am beginning to believe that Gaddis might just be The Best novelist.


    1. I picked up a copy of JR yesterday. Seems like the whole book is pretty much a dialogue…? I stalled out on the final third of The Recognitions….this was about a year ago…I got through part I pretty quickly, but part 2 was like torture, so I took a “break” to read another book (can’t remember what…) and never went back.


      1. Oh We’re having the same conversation o two different threads. Oh well. Yeah JR is all dialogue. Which is, yeah, crazy. It took me a few weeks to read it (including a round trip coast to coast flight) and I can say that it is confusing and difficult at first. But that I found that by around a hundred pages you start to pick up on the rhythms and that by halfway through when you can recognize a character by the first three words they say it is a feeling of exhilaration that must be something like realizing that you suddenly have perfect pitch. Or like how yr best friend can leave you a voice mail and only say ‘it’s me’ and you know who it is instantly just by Tge subtitles in their voice. So yeah it’s a tough one, but that experience is totally unique in my reading life and therefore worth the difficulty.


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