Books Acquired, 12.25.2011 (Walton Ford; Hayao Miyazaki)


I finally got a copy of Walton Ford’s Pancha Tantra, a bestiary depicting the savage Darwinian competition between all biological species, including humans, whose encroachment upon animal habitats is examined in this book. Ford also explores themes of colonialism in his strange, naturalist paintings. My loving wife gave me this book. I took some clumsy photos with my iPhone which in no way do justice to this big, beautiful book; forgiveness please.






My wife also gave me Hayao Miyazaki’s graphic novel Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind. The film based on this manga plays in our house about once a week, on heavy rotation with Miyazaki’s other films, which my four year old daughter is addicted to.





4 thoughts on “Books Acquired, 12.25.2011 (Walton Ford; Hayao Miyazaki)”

  1. While all of Miyazaki’s films are excellent, Nausicaa is probably my favorite film of his (although Howl’s moving castle is up there as well). I think the graphic novel would be really interesting. Just looking at the covers that you posted, I have to ask how much the movie cuts out from the graphic novel? The cover of the third book doesn’t look like anything from the movie.


    1. Adam, I scanned over the books and I can see that many of the set pieces match up, especially at the beginning, but it seems that the end is somehow different—but I don’t want to spoil that for myself. Review early 2012.

      My favorite Miyazaki films, personal list:
      1. Nausicaa
      2. Spirited Away
      3. Howl
      4. Ponyo
      5. Castle in the Sky
      6. Princess Mononoke/Porco Rosso
      7. Kiki/Totoro

      With my four year old daughter:
      1. Ponyo
      2. Nausicaa/Spirited Away
      3. Howl/Kiki/Totoro
      4. Castle in the Sky/Panda ko panda

      She doesn’t like Porco Rosso and isn’t allowed to watch Mononoke yet.


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