Book Shelves #11, 3.11.2012


Book shelves series #11, eleventh Sunday of 2012. DeLillo, Denis Johnson, Pynchon (no, I have not read Against the Day nor finished Mason & Dixon). There’s also a hardback copy of Bolaño’s Between Parentheses; I have an ARC of the same shelved with the other Bolaños, which are on the shelf under—but the finished copy won’t fit on the shelf and it fits here. For now.

10 thoughts on “Book Shelves #11, 3.11.2012”

    1. I’m not at home right now so I can’t check the colophon, but I know I bought it in Thailand, and I’m pretty sure it was published in Australia…maybe Viking? Mason & Dixon is a ditto—pic doesn’t really show it, but it’s a different shape than an American tpb


  1. 2nd time today I’ve come across Bolano….guess he’s next on my list.

    As far as Pynchon, I spent a couple of years and maybe seven or eight runs at Gravity’s Rainbow before I finished it. I’m not convinced anyone else has actually read it.

    I have to confess to not getting around to Delillo yet, too.

    anyway. I like yr shelves.


    1. It took me years to finish GR, mr. washer.

      My enthusiasm for DeLillo has waned considerably in the past few years. His humor is *dry* and he often overwrites. But when he’s on, he’s on.


  2. Mmm the Pynchon; foundation of my own shelves, along with Gaddis, DFW, Delaney and DeWitte. I’ve got some Bolano floating around somewhere. I couldn’t find the way into those.


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