Book Shelves #27, 7.01.2012


Book shelves series #27, twenty-seventh Sunday of 2012

There are 27 Sundays in 2012, so today’s post is the half way mark for this series, I guess.

This is an obscure little shelf on the side of a piece of furniture that holds the TV in our den. These are travel books, phrase books, etc., which I’m not sure if people still buy—I mean, I don’t buy them anymore, at least not if I’m going to go somewhere. I use the internet, or iPhone apps. Maybe I need to go to some place without 3G or wireless coverage.

There are some other relics here, too, on the shelf above this one—CDs and DVDs.

2 thoughts on “Book Shelves #27, 7.01.2012”

  1. They are fun to read, especially several years later. I remember getting an old set of encyclopedias once that was full of wonderfully inaccurate theories about life, the universe and everything…


  2. They are very nice to have when reading a book set in a particular city or country or area. Then you can read and look up where the characters are. Like a large map of London, or the Metro in Paris. You know. To follow along.


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