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Disinformation (Philip K. Dick)

 It is like information theory; it is noise driving out signal. But it is noise posing as signal so you do not even recognize it as noise. The intelligence agencies call it disinformation, something the Soviet Bloc relies on heavily. If you can float enough… Read More

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Interview with David Shook

Dear Biblioklepters, I recently had the chance to interview the marvelous David Shook about the equally marvelous Like a New Sun, a book of contemporary indigenous Mexican poetry, which he edited and co-translated. You can read the interview over at Asymptote’s blog. I first read about Asymptote here on Biblioklept a few… Read More

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Still Life with Skull — Simon Luttichuys


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The Old Book — William Merritt Chase

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Johannes Hüppi Painting (Woman/Book)

Johannes Huppi  (8)

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“Physical books should be sublime, digital books should be free” |Haute Culture Publisher Luis de Miranda Interviewed

Biblioklept: What is Haute Culture Press? Luis de Miranda: Haute Culture is a new venture in luxury publishing with a mission to bring masterpieces of global literature to English-speaking readers around the world. Since your site is called “Biblioklept,” I’ll start by saying that we… Read More

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Susan Sontag on W.G. Sebald

Susan Sontag on W.G. Sebald: IS LITERARY GREATNESS still possible? Given the implacable devolution of literary ambition, and the concurrent ascendancy of the tepid, the glib, and the senselessly cruel as normative fictional subjects, what would a noble literary enterprise look like now? One of the few answers available… Read More

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Young Woman in Kimono, Reading — Emile Bernard