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Two graphic novels about Paris reviewed: 750 Years in Paris and The Spectators

Two new(ish) graphic novels from Nobrow, Vincent Mahé’s 750 Years in Paris and Victor Hussenot’s The Spectators, showcase Paris as an enduring site of progression, turbulence, and renewal, both in culture and consciousness. Mahé’s 750 Years in Paris is a time-machine, putting its viewer in a stationary position to observe the dramatic changes in one building—and French… Read More

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A Coffee Chronology

A COFFEE CHRONOLOGY Giving dates and events of historical interest in legend, travel, literature, cultivation, plantation treatment, trading, and in the preparation and use of coffee from the earliest time to the present (From William H. Ukers’s All About Coffee, 1922) 900[L]—Rhazes, famous Arabian physician, is… Read More

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Coffee Etymology

DEALING WITH THE ETYMOLOGY OF COFFEE — from William H. Ukers’s All About Coffee (1922) Origin and translation of the word from the Arabian into various languages—Views of many writers THE history of the word coffee involves several phonetic difficulties. The European languages got the name of the beverage… Read More