Thomas Bernhard/Mary Douglas/Clarice Lispector (Books Acquired, 7.19.2012)


3 thoughts on “Thomas Bernhard/Mary Douglas/Clarice Lispector (Books Acquired, 7.19.2012)”

  1. OK, I’ll bite. An eclectic (?) collection of titles, united by women as the subjects. One is an anthropological work, another a novel, and the third a collection of short stories with a sub theme of body. The Adam and Eve and the snake is I suppose an illustration. The unusual thing about it is that the snake is portrayed as female, or so it appears to me. Care to elaborate biblioklept? The mystery blog?


  2. No, no mystery. All three found by chance; was looking for something else. The Douglas I’ve read before, or at least most of it; was a major source for many of the essays I wrote in grad school (along with Ricouer and Kristeva). Saw the cover (pictured lower right in detail) had to have it. The Bernhard and Lispector I picked up even though they aren’t necessarily on my reading docket b/c I knew that I’d probably regret it later if I didn’t (two years ago I found almost every Barry Hannah book there and, despite having beaucoups book credit, only picked up Airships).


    1. Familiar story – and now you regret not having taken them all. Fate has a way of presenting us with (some times minor) situations that require action then or never. If ever I make it back to Apalachicola, I’ll head straight for the bookstore and snatch that copy of M.F.K. Fisher’s book on oysters right off the shelf. Calling and having them send it to me is too simple. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to say that I got it in Apalachicola.


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