Book Shelves #45, 11.04.2012


Book shelves series #45, forty-fifth Sunday of 2012

Yon shelf, murky, dim:


Homeboy on the end, once my parents’,  tschotchke of time in ’80s South Africa, used to work as a bookend, now he just hangs out on this double-booked shelf.


Front layer:


Back layer, including a number of volumes (to be clear: Chabon, Martel, Diaz, Eugenides) I should just trade in.


(Also: I hate this project and wish I’d never started it).

7 thoughts on “Book Shelves #45, 11.04.2012”

  1. You hate this project! I’m so sorry. I saw your remark just as I was trying to send your bookshelf to my friend, to say that *this* is what Kindle cannot replace. This standing in front of a bookshelf (mine or yours) and recognizing old friends, each with their own personality and history, intimately known and mostly loved. I spend too much time doing that. The library thinks I’m nuts – I can spend hours looking at the stacks, whereas others are in and out with their books in ten minutes. In one of PD James’s books, spending hours in a public library is given as an alibi and rejected by no less a literary character as Adam Dalgleish. I find a kindred spirit (at last!) in your project. Nonetheless, if you hate it then maybe its term is finished and I thank you for what you gave.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, all—You know, I didn’t even remember writing the last parenthetical note. I was not exactly sober as I put the piece together Saturday night. The whole weekly schedule I imposed on myself has sometimes led me to feel more rushed than I should.


  3. I think there is a direct correlation between the bookshelf posts that include an “I hate this project” note and the relative sobriety of it’s author. If there’s a next time, we should immediately begin assessing sobriety on a scale from Salman Rushdie to Ernest Hemingway. Anything on the Hemingway side should allow us to breathe a sigh of relief.


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