Books I’ve Read All or Most of in the Past Eight Months and Failed to Write About


11 thoughts on “Books I’ve Read All or Most of in the Past Eight Months and Failed to Write About”

  1. 1. I read most of Browne’s Urn Burial in line waiting to vote in Florida.
    2. I drafted a post about rereading Bartleby with Melville House’s “digital illuminations.” I will return to the draft. Promise.
    3. Apocalypse.
    4. I can’t review the Ben Marcus. (Don’t know how).
    5. I may write about The Loser on here. I have about 40 more pages. I switched to reading it on the Kindle.
    6. I got sidetracked and didn’t finish At Swim-Two-Birds.
    7. I read the first part of Sebald’s After Nature, about Matthias Gruenwald and his friend (lover?). Lovely.
    8. I drafted a post about Max Apple and DFW and then decided my comments weren’t worth finishing.
    9. I had every good intention of reviewing Lars Iyer’s Dogma, which I read on the beach last spring, back to back with Michel Houellebecq’s The Map & The Territory, which I also neglected to write on.
    10. I will write on Walser, maybe, some day, or not.
    11. I wrote about Markson’s The Last Novel, and I think I would just repeat that review, and add suicides for Reader’s Block.
    12. Zizek’s Lacan: What to say?
    13. I liked Phi and will try to muster a review.
    14. Still reading Hughes’s Goya. In a bedside pile that’s being cleared out (with this lot). It will remain.


  2. Don’t get the whole Lars Iyer thing. Tried to read both Spurious and Dogma, and I have no idea what people are so jazzed about. Just got done reading Thirlwell’s The Delighted States. Awesome.


    1. I liked Delighted States. I think Iyer is reviving a kind of late modernism that the Brits seem to be into these days. A sort of anti-postmodernism stance (which is, in my reading, a postmodern move).


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