Borges/Dieste (Books Acquired, 1.04.2014)


Haven’t read Rafael Dieste (one of his books shows up in Bolaño’s novel 2666—Amalfitano hangs it in his backyard).

The Borges poetry collection matches nicely with these.

A poem by JLB:


5 thoughts on “Borges/Dieste (Books Acquired, 1.04.2014)”

  1. Dieste and Bolaño are very good authors. They’re from Galicia (a region in Spain), like me, so I studied them in Galician Literature at high school, and I have read some of their books. It’s great to know that they are internationally known :)


  2. Simplicity by J.L.B:

    It opens, the gate to the garden
    with the docility of a page
    that frequent devotion questions
    and inside, my gaze
    has no need to fix on objects
    that already exist, exact, in memory.
    I know the customs and souls
    and that dialect of allusions
    that every human gathering goes weaving.
    I’ve no need to speak
    nor claim false privilege;
    they know me well who surround me here,
    know well my afflictions and weakness.
    This is to reach the highest thing,
    that Heaven perhaps will grant us:
    not admiration or victory
    but simply to be accepted
    as part of an undeniable Reality,
    like stones and trees.


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