“Odysseus” — Robert Walser


3 thoughts on ““Odysseus” — Robert Walser”

  1. Reblogged this on literaryboners and commented:
    Odysseus is epic. Brave warrior, intelligent, and spends years fighting demons and gods to get home to his wife. I’ll even overlook the “courting” of other women while you were away, simply because you kicked so much ass. But you’re getting tested first. I don’t wanna catch, I dunno, whatever STD Medusa has. Rating: EPIC POEM SEXXI.


  2. Goethe wondered what Europe would be like if The Iliad and the Odyssey remained its “Bible”. So do I. There’s not a whole lot of moralizing in Homer. Instead there’s lots of heroic aesthetic and trickster aesthetic. I mean, really, Homer would admire a lie well told and a book well stolen.


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