Ishmael Reed . . . and more Pynchon (Books acquired, 5.22.2015)

So I finished my second full reading of Gravity’s Rainbow today. And then I read the last section three more times. And my brain feels fried. I was thinking about rereading V. after this, but I think a break will do nicely. So I picked up Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo on Pynchon’s recommendation (“check out Ishmael Reed,” the narrator tells us on page 588 of Gravity’s Rainbow). A stroll through the lit crit section led to my spying (okay, looking for and finding) the 20th Century Views collection on Pynchon. So we’ll see how that reads.

4 thoughts on “Ishmael Reed . . . and more Pynchon (Books acquired, 5.22.2015)”

  1. Agreed on Reed. Though I sometimes think, when I think that a writer deserves wider recognition, that I’m really wishing for a wider potential readership than is actually out there, because that would mean a better human race, which is not the case. So we try to seek out those we feel are tuned-in to the voice we hear in that writer (for me it’s Pynchon, Ammons, Transtromer that I’m always pushing on those poor people) and, you know, push books into their hands.


  2. I also bought my copy of Mumbo Jumbo because of Pynchon’s nod to him… Looking forward to your thoughts on it.


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