Ellison/Vollmann (Books acquired, 20 Oct. 2017)

I tried William Vollmann’s The Dying Grass a few times last year, both as an audiobook and as an ebook, but it got the best of me. Spotted it at my favorite used book store for a measly twelve bucks, so. Like, we’ll see—although it’s much, much more accessible in print than on screen—the form, the lines on the page—they makes more sense, evoke Whitman more than the ebook or the audio. I also picked up Ralph Ellison’s collection Shadow and Act somewhat randomly—just started reading it and got carried away. Great stuff.


6 thoughts on “Ellison/Vollmann (Books acquired, 20 Oct. 2017)”

  1. I can’t imagine trying to read The Dying Grass as an ebook. The print format teaches you how to read it. And the audio narrator’s voice was too old-time Western for me, though I only heard a snippet. Good luck with your next attempt. Also, what BLCKDGRD said.

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  2. Sorry, I think Vollmann is a sham. People are way too easily impressed by, ahem, size. Now Ellison, right on. Anyway, nice blog.


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