Gaddis, Wallace, McCarthy, Cooper (Books Acquired, 3.02.3012)


Picked up these four yesterday afternoon during my weekly visit to the bookshop (can’t help said visit; I live too close). Spent the afternoon reading Neal Stephenson’s introduction to David Foster Wallace’s Everything and More and a few of the pieces in All Ears, a collection of essays and interviews by Dennis Cooper. I read the interviews with Stephen Malkmus and Leonardo diCaprio. There’s something so nineties about the book.


A nice afternoon of reading with a few homebrews.

Everything and More, DFW’s history of infinity, is one of the only books I haven’t read by him (I even got to read a big chunk of his rare early work Signifying Rappers years ago because a friend found it in a library book sale). Anyway, to the point: None of the DFW editions I owned, up to this point were posthumous (they were, uh humous (?))—so it was a little weird to see this on the back of the book:


Finally: No, I didn’t need another copy of Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree (let me plug my review), but I’m a huge fan of these awful 1980s Vintage Contemporaries editions, so when I found a first ed. of Suttree, I couldn’t pass it up (I’m pretty sure this is the same edition DFW owned):



  1. Eric · March 3, 2012

    “A Frolic of His of His Own”. Is that intentional?


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  3. Daniel Silliman · March 3, 2012

    That cover is of Suttree is really truly awful. Amazingly bad.


  4. I nearly grabbed that very same copy of “Everything and More” from said bookshop just to have another copy to give to a friend or something, as is my wont. But I reconsidered since my house is already replete with multiple copies of books ungiven.


  5. dolbsterthepoet · March 3, 2012

    You have great taste.


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