Gaddis, Wallace, McCarthy, Cooper (Books Acquired, 3.02.3012)

by Biblioklept


Picked up these four yesterday afternoon during my weekly visit to the bookshop (can’t help said visit; I live too close). Spent the afternoon reading Neal Stephenson’s introduction to David Foster Wallace’s Everything and More and a few of the pieces in All Ears, a collection of essays and interviews by Dennis Cooper. I read the interviews with Stephen Malkmus and Leonardo diCaprio. There’s something so nineties about the book.


A nice afternoon of reading with a few homebrews.

Everything and More, DFW’s history of infinity, is one of the only books I haven’t read by him (I even got to read a big chunk of his rare early work Signifying Rappers years ago because a friend found it in a library book sale). Anyway, to the point: None of the DFW editions I owned, up to this point were posthumous (they were, uh humous (?))—so it was a little weird to see this on the back of the book:


Finally: No, I didn’t need another copy of Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree (let me plug my review), but I’m a huge fan of these awful 1980s Vintage Contemporaries editions, so when I found a first ed. of Suttree, I couldn’t pass it up (I’m pretty sure this is the same edition DFW owned):


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6 Responses to “Gaddis, Wallace, McCarthy, Cooper (Books Acquired, 3.02.3012)”

  1. “A Frolic of His of His Own”. Is that intentional?

  2. That cover is of Suttree is really truly awful. Amazingly bad.

  3. I nearly grabbed that very same copy of “Everything and More” from said bookshop just to have another copy to give to a friend or something, as is my wont. But I reconsidered since my house is already replete with multiple copies of books ungiven.

  4. You have great taste.


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