How to Be a Sensitive Poet (Life in Hell)

Sensitive Poet


  1. billgncs · August 22, 2013

    oh my gosh… this is me :)


  2. AntimidiaBlog · August 22, 2013

    Republicou isso em reblogador.


  3. Jenni Kay · August 22, 2013

    Definitely guilty of a few! Thanks for sharing.


  4. randomkhaos · August 22, 2013

    When I saw this I thought that biblioklept had done himself in – how could biblio follow up with any more. Then I scrolled on down to the Silver Surfer and the rest of the page.


  5. highschooledumacation · August 22, 2013

    Reblogged this on High School Edumacation.


  6. Catherine McCallum · August 22, 2013

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  8. Dena Rash Guzman · August 22, 2013

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  10. Lady Diane Randall · August 22, 2013

    I don’t know why I couldn’t respond earlier – too much agony, tears, laughter, sorrow… oh, that’s your post! I thought I was funny… well I guess that’s hard for a “sensitive” poet. Just wanted to say very funny, with a zap right into my heart – and my ego! Thanks!


  11. Lady Diane Randall · August 22, 2013

    PS On #3 for Advanced sensitive poets: I try to not do this, I really do! Even though it’s so fun, feels very intelligent. Which is why I am a lifelong member of “Intellectuals Anonymous” (really! no…). Actually it irritates me in others’, so that’s why I try to be vigilant and “easy” to understand (sort of…) : )


    • randomkhaos · August 22, 2013

      Are you saying that there are Intellectual poets?


      • Lady Diane Randall · August 22, 2013

        Dear Sensitive Poet, sorry it took me so long to see/reply to your comment/question to my PS about Sensitive Poets. Not sure what to say! I have not been to college, have no MFA (not a swear-word – or is it?). I haven’t even been very intellectual, just like to pretend I’m “over” it now. Once I had a dream that I was with a collegiate writing group, they were all praising a manuscript. And I, out of my league but naive and righteous, said (something like), “Hey, wait a minute. It doesn’t say ANYTHING. It doesn’t mean anything. There’s no feeling. Yes, it’s technically well-written, but what does it mean?” I guess I ended the dream there so I could imagine my own perfect ending, which would be, of course: “Hey, you’re right! Let’s publish your work!” To answer your question, I think there are intellectual poets, and I don’t care for their poetry. I used to use a thesaurus and a dictionary… now I don’t. And by the way, this post of yours is just fantastic! I hope I can print it out for my own personal use (complete with credit to you). PS By the way (redundant?), tonight I am feeling very, very sensitive-poet-like! Your page is therapeutic! I will read more of your material. Blessed be <3


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