Granta 110 Features Roberto Bolaño, Tom McCarthy, Dave Eggers, Sex

Subtly titled Sex, issue 110 of the long-running literary journal Granta hits stands this week, and it looks like a doozy. There’s a story by Roberto Bolaño called “The Redhead” about “a disturbing encounter between an eighteen-year-old girl and a narcotics cop.” Charming. No description for Tom McCarthy’s “The Spa,” but presumably it will involve sex, and Dave Eggers’s drawings “Four Animals Contemplating Sex” promises to be self-descriptive. Lots of other stuff too, of course. Order Granta 110 here. The journal has also produced short videos for four of the pieces in Sex, all directed by Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull. You can see them at the oh-so-cleverly titled website This is not a purse; the vid for Bolaño’s “The Redhead” is embedded below.

4 thoughts on “Granta 110 Features Roberto Bolaño, Tom McCarthy, Dave Eggers, Sex”

  1. Can’t wait to get this. . . have fallen in love with Granta recently. The Redhead must be an elaboartion on some of the characters from Antwerp. . . or, who knows, maybe just those parts of Antwerp (doubtful).


  2. I am also very anxiously awaiting this as well. I just finished 109 (Work), which was amazing. I especially enjoyed Julian Barnes’ story about a blind piano player and the teacher who attempted to cure her with magnets.


  3. Catastrophysicist- It reminded me of a late 19th century novel, the tone, the narrator, the Victorian science. If I would have skipped any it would have been the last one, about the son of the father with multiple wives who disowned him. I also liked (more appreciated) the Rwandan genocide one, the idea of the work of killing being so physically trying, was incredible. I also liked the one about the abandoned circular apartment building in South Africa, with all the photographs.


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