Charles Burns’s X’ed Out Is Fantastic

I devoured Charles Burns’s X’ed Out last night. Then I read it again this afternoon. I’ll read it again before I give it a proper review closer to its release date near the end of October. It’s weird, wild stuff, working in the idioms of William Burroughs and Hergé, brimming with punk rock energy and druggy art madness. It’s thoroughly Burnsian. X’ed Out is the first volume in what the publisher promises will be “an epic masterpiece of graphic fiction in brilliant color.” Like I said, full review down the line, but look out for this book. X’ed Out comes from the good folks at Pantheon, who’ve already proven their commitment to the graphic novel medium in stunners by publishing soon-to-be classics like David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp and Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld.

2 thoughts on “Charles Burns’s X’ed Out Is Fantastic”

  1. My ears perk up when anyone mentions Herge/Tintin so I love that there’s a ref to L’etoile Mysterieuse on the cover.
    I read Black Hole a few years ago but lost track of Charles Burns. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Xe’d in October.


  2. When I got my copy, I noticed that the giant skeleton/corpse in junk heap in the background is a reference to the giants in Miyazaki’s Nausicaa.


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