Book Shelves #19, 5.06.2012


Book shelves series #19, nineteenth Sunday of 2012.

When I started this project, this shelf was all Tolkien and Joyce; now it’s mostly Gaddis and Joyce.

I have dupes of most of the Joyce books here; there’s also Joyce criticism/guides on the shelf.

Another angle. Glare is horrible. iPhone is not a good camera; lots of glare; shelf is much taller than me, etc.:


Here’s a tight shot of the Brownie Six-16 that serves as bookend:


Something from Finnegans Wake :


5 thoughts on “Book Shelves #19, 5.06.2012”

  1. It seems like you’re going through the motions more and more as this project progresses. There used to be a lot more in these posts about the books and why the shelf was organized in the way it was and what the books meant to you. Now, it’s mostly pictures, which is interesting in its own right, but I kinda would like to know more. E.g., what’s a Brownie or is there anything neat to the various books on this shelf?


    1. I don;t get this whole criticize someone’s blog for not offering me enough thing. If it’s an essay on something, then sure, criticize it, but when it’s a random offering of the personal self, how is it fair to say that it’s not enough, to feel entitled to more? And a Brownie is obviously a camera. Plus, two seconds later:

      Also, I’m jealous of the bookend. I don’t have enough room on my two shelves (one a personally designed built-in shelf, floor to ceiling) so I use the top of one shelf, and need bookends.


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